New Defibrillator at Brading Haven Yacht Club attracts 100 volunteers

AN INCREDIBLE 100 volunteers have been trained to save lives using a community defibrillator.

An event was held at Brading Haven Yacht Club to celebrate the defibrillator training of 100 volunteers.Photo by Paul Blackley


The emergency equipment, which can save the life of someone suffering a cardiac arrest, has been installed at Brading Haven Yacht Club thanks to the efforts of club member Gordon Wight.

He not only suggested the club buy the defibrillator — an idea swiftly supported by commodore Robin Lobb, who offered the yacht club as a training venue — he also rallied the 100 trainees.

They were shown how to use the equipment by Duncan Walker, from the Ambulance Training and Community Response Services (ATCoRS) team at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, and presented with certificates at a celebration event on Saturday.

Gordon's efforts have also inspired the launch of a new campaign — the 100 for One Life campaign.

Head of ATCoRS, Louise Walker said: "For Gordon to rally 100 people was very impressive. And if we can train 100 people to save one life, that would be amazing, so we are asking all community groups to get involved.

"Can you be part of the 100 for One Life campaign? Can you find 100 people?"

Defibrillators have been installed at community buildings, club houses and schools for people to use in an emergency.Some are locked to prevent theft or vandalism, in which case people should call 999 and ask for the ambulance service to obtain a code to unlock it. 

Any community groups interested in buying a defibrillator or joining the 100 for One Life campaign can call ATCoRS on 534111.