100-4-1 life campaign

With today (Tuesday) being Valentine’s Day, most of us will be looking at buying roses and everything heart shaped, but the Isle of Wight NHS Trust is asking us to take a minute to think about our own.

The Island’s NHS Trust is raising awareness of its 100 for 1 life campaign, which encourages local communities to get together and learn how to use a defibrillator.

Thanks to local fundraising, more and more boxes containing the life-saving equipment are being installed across the Island.

Louise Walker, Head of Ambulance Training and Community Response Services, said:

“We’re looking to make our Valentine’s Day different in the sense that we’ve been really successful and absolutely thrilled because we’ve received several donations from different areas. We’ve also got the 100 for 1 life campaign going on. The purpose of the campaign is getting public access defibrillators out there.

“If you have an out of hospital cardiac arrest, your chance of survival is less than 5%, but of you get a defibrillator to you within the first three minutes, your chances of survival increase to 74%, so the figures speak for themselves.

“It’s something that you’re not going to use every day, it’s something that may lay there for five years but actually it really is the difference between life and death.”

One man who has managed to succeed in the 100 for 1 life campaign is Gordon Wight from Brading Haven Yacht Club in Bembridge:

“The idea for the 100 for 1 life campaign was to try and train 100 people within your community area so that you’ve got, between one defibrillator location and another, at least 100 chances to save that one life… It is hard work there’s no denying that, to get 100 people together, but I suppose it would be more rewarding to know that you’ve saved one person’s life.”

If you would like to see where your nearest defibrillator is, visit the Heart Safe website here.